How To Create Compelling Inbound Digital Content

content creation

Content creation can be difficult, especially creating great content on a regular basis. Content is necessary for any digital media; blog posts, social media, websites, newsletters, etc. It’s important because it’s the message your inbound strategy delivers. Your content drives your inbound marketing system; it attracts, converts, closes and satisfies your customers.

So, how do you make content that people will want to read, share and come back for more? You now have to fight for attention on the Internet. It’s not about how big your billboard is or having a full-page article. It’s all about people finding you through the clutter.

  1. Start with a plan. Find your content’s purpose, format and topic. What are you trying to accomplish with this content and what’s the best way to display it? Finding a topic can be done with keyword research, popular industry news, customers’ goals, questions and challenges. What is your audience searching for and what questions are they asking? Outbrain has a helpful list of digital content creation tools here.
    • Plan on being eduactional. Creating educational content will help prospects educate themselves about their main problem or opportunity. After the awareness stage, educational content will allow customers to consider their options and learn more about the solution to their problem. Eventually, you should plan on providing a solution to the problem with content and resources.
  2. Create your content. Transform your plan into real content. Remember:
    • Less is more. Focus on one topic. If the content is too broad and overs too much information, it can be overwhelming and get confusing.
    • Direct content to your prospective audience and be personal. Don’t write like you’re talking to a ton of people at once. Speak to one person.
    • People want to be educated, entertained and informed. Keep your content educational, not promotional. The only time you should mention your product or service is near the end of a post when you’re giving a solution to a problem or on the sidebar, completely separate from the post.
    • Focus on the information before the look and design. Without the content, there would be nothing else.
  3. Distribute your content. Content is only as good as its delivery. Promote it on your other digital platforms; for instance, website pages, business blog, landing pages, social media, call-to-action, marketing emails. Spend some time on promoting it and it it’s still relevant in the future, share it again!
  4. Analyze your content. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. In order to be effective and successful, you have to measure and analyze your content! Look at the number of visits, leads generated, social share-ability, inbound links, content performance by topic and format. What worked best? What do you need to work on and what should you continue?

Once you’ve gone through the process of planning, creating, distributing and analyzing, repeat the cycle. Like I said, you want to publish content on a regular basis. Truly effective content must be relevant, engaging and actionable. This step-by-step process should help you create such compelling content.

Unbounce’s Guide to Online Marketing is a great info graphic on content format, topic, timeline and distribution.

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