6 Tips on Making Facebook Marketing Easier and More Effective for You

Facebook Marketing

You’ve made a Facebook page and you post regularly, but you don’t have a large following and you have little engagement. You’re starting to think that this whole Facebook thing doesn’t work.

Well, stop that! I told you marketing through social media channels works, and I meant it! You just have to find the right tactics to make it effective and successful.

I came up with 6 tips to make “this whole Facebook thing” easier and more effective for you. Don’t give up yet!

  1. Increase your following. Add a Facebook Like button to every site you have. Provide the link in your email signature. Share your posts on other social media platforms. Like and comment on other related pages in your industry. There are so many ways to make your page visible that you probably didn’t know about. Once you increase your visibility and following, your content should pull people in.
  2. Improve your posts. It sounds very vague, I know. But once you start improving the content people are seeing and using the right posting methods, you will improve your Facebook Marketing and give your posts better reach.
    • Have a plan and cover various topics. You can use the schedule feature here through Facebook, or you can create your own content calendar. The types of posts should vary so you don’t get boring.
    • Keep it short and sweet and to the point. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Try to grab attention within the first 4-5 words of a post.
    • Use common hashtags that people will search and find, and consider using brand hashtags, like Coca-Cola did with #SmileWithACoke.
    • Utilize visuals. HubSpot further explains the Reasons to Integrate Visual Content Into Your Marketing Campaigns.
  3. Play with the timing and figure out what time is best to publish posts. Your audience will be most active between certain time spans. Using Likealyzer or Facebook analytics can help you determine when to publish most of your posts.
  4. Create a custom audience. This increases the chance of reaching your target audience because it increases your visibility and reach. Social Media Examiner expands on How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach.
  5. Keep engaged with your audience in a timely manner. Maximize page notifications so you know when someone comments on a post, tags you in a post or messages you. Try to respond within an hour if possible.
  6. Use the save feature. When scrolling through your newsfeed, you might see interesting articles and posts that you want to post on your page. Don’t post them all at once, but save the link on Facebook so you can go back to it later. This gives you an archive to go to when you’re searching for content.

Facebook Marketing is just like any other type of marketing. It’s not going to give you an automatic return over night. It’s a process that takes time. But if you work on it and improve your posting methods, Facebook should ultimately, improve your business and brand.

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