How Passion Pages on Facebook Can Help Market Your Business

Passion Page; Facebook

You might be wondering what a Passion Page is. Chances are, you’ve already encountered and engaged with a lot of Passion Pages! They’re pages on Facebook that focus on a specific theme or idea. Passion Pages are meant to be a gathering place for people who love something.

As a business owner, you’re probably now asking, “Why should I care?” No, a Passion Page doesn’t focus on the public face of your company or brand and it’s not selling a service or product. But Passion Pages get loads of organic reach without have to spend a dime on Facebook advertising! They get some of the most likes, comments, and shares on all of Facebook. You might want to create a Passion Page outside of your business page if you’re a new business trying to gain an audience, if you’re having a hard time juggling an image on your business page with different types of content, and if you want to gain an audience that you will know has an interest in your company and it’s mission.

So how can you be successful with a Passion Page? It needs to have a purpose and strategy and it should be based around your mission statement and company values.

  • Study Passion Pages that are doing well. Some popular passion pages are:
  • Not every audience will respond to a Passion Page. It depends on what type of business you are. To research if your audience will respond, do a survey/poll on your company fan page or send out a survey to current subscribers.
    • Ask questions about specific values and interests while also tying in your products/services rather than directly asking if they would follow a Passion Page.
  • Create content around themes that your audience is passionate about and then post to Facebook.
  • Share content from your company sites. Directing fans to your site is a huge way to gain leads and get your company name noticed. It is, in fact, the whole goal of a Passion Page.
  • Make an emotional connection with your fanbase. Emotions grab people and catch their interest.
  • Create content that is meant to be shared. By sharing content, your reach and views increase.

The great thing about experimenting with a Passion Page is that it’s free! The goal is to gain the attention, interest and engagement from your fanbase. Eventually, when your Passion Page gets enough fans, you can connect your name to it, like “I Love My Family (” A Passion Page is just another tool to silently market your business that is organic, has a large reach, and it’s free!

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