5 Tools for Innovatively Marketing with Live Stream Video

Live streaming is on the rise. Living in the NOW is what people want.

Live broadcasting’s popularity has enticed companies to take advantage and market in a cheap and effective way. It’s a valuable tool that can benefit your business in numerous ways. Live streaming can be very engaging, is mobile and desktop friendly, and gives your real-time audience an opt-in to watch your video. Your message can be controlled and you can see real-time stats to see how your content is performing as it’s live.

If that’s not convincing enough, here’s some numbers:

  • 74% of Internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • 64% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it

Live streaming video allows you to create content that answers the community’s questions. Here are the 5 best tools (in my opinion) for live stream video:

  • Meerkat – Designed to allow anyone with an iPhone or iPad to stream live video that connects through Twitter.
    • Connect to your Twitter account. Meerkat allows you to tweet links to your live stream. When the stream starts, a tweet will be sent out with the live feed link with the hashtag #meerkat.
    • Engage with viewers and see what live streams are happening in that moment and search by hashtags.
    • Schedule your live stream. “Schedule” meaning you can post it on your other social media channels and let people know when you will be live streaming.
    • When you end your broadcast, it prompts you to save your content and put in a call-to-action for viewers.
    • Cameo. Invite friends on the mobile app to take over your livestream for 60 seconds.
  • Periscope – Periscope is Twitter’s new live streaming video app. It’s very similar to Meerkat in terms of purpose and functionality, but differs in features and overall look.
    • Over 2 million people are watching and using Periscope. That’s a lot of people!
    • Gives you a profile with a timeline.
    • Share behind-the-scenes peek at their brand experience
    • Connect to your Twitter account, like Meerkat, and put out tweets when the stream starts.
    • Anyone who follows you gets a notification to tune in.
    • You can use it to talk about a blog posted earlier that day, building trust and rapport.
  • Facebook Live Mentions – The new streaming feature for VIP users.
    • You must have a verified page or person account to use this app. In other words, you must be a public figure or verified company.
    • It is a different app than Facebook and Facebook Messenger.
    • Shoot interactive video that will appear on the News Feeds of anyone who follows your page.
    • These videos stream ONLY on Facebook.
  • Google+ Hangouts on Air – Publicly broadcast your Hangouts and stream them live on Google Plus and YouTube.
    • The broadcast is automatically recorded and saved on your YouTube channel and Google+ homepage.
    • You can embed the video and stream it live on a website.
    • Host interactive conversations. Take questions in advance and answer the most popular ones live.
  • Blab.IM – Live streaming meets the Brady Bunch.
    • Allows streaming conversations with just a push of a button.
    • Take part in real-time conversations on a variety of searchable topics.
    • Participate from phone and web camera from desktop (only one that you can use desktop)
    • Very easy to share to Twitter.
    • Can be deleted or saved for later viewing.

Brands such as Doritos, Spotify and Wendy’s, have been quick to respond to live streaming apps. They have found ways to incorporate it into their digital marketing strategy. Live streaming is an extremely cost effective way to reach your audience and build your brand!

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