5 Ways to Reap the Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

Most people think of LinkedIn as a tool to find employees and post job openings. Well, you’re part of they way there. Finding job applicants is a huge benefit to LinkedIn, but it’s not the only one!

With a Company Page, you can also find new leads and build and grow professional relationships. Here are 5 ways to reap the benefits of LinkedIn:

  1. Tell your story. A LinkedIn Company Page helps others learn about your business and brand. Raise brand awareness.
    • In your company description, you should address your audience, tell them what’s in it for them and why they should follow you, add links to your site(s) and/or include a call-to-action.
  2. Create shareable content. Company Pages also give you an opportunity to establish expertise and build trust. Educate potential customers with your own content as well as content you share from others. This improves your presence and enhances your credibility.Gather, repurpose and customize existing content and create new content for easy branding.
    • Help your prospects. Create content that is going to help them.
    • Encourage your employees to share your content. Social Media Examiner goes more into depth on how to do this here.
  3. Create status updates. Post daily to stay top of mind and provide value. Try to create the opportunity for engagement and conversations with your target audience.
    • Increase engagement with personal and positive stories, sharing a video, sharing an image, and using appropriate tagging. Links, images and videos get the best engagement.
    • Introduce new products and services. Drive business results and educate others on your product/service.
  4. Find job candidates. Promote career opportunities and search for qualified candidates. Here’s an article from LinkedIn on how to find the exact employee’s you’re looking for. 
  5. Improve your ranking. A Company Page is way to drive people to your website and gives you just another outlet to promote your company and content. Include keywords in your company description, as well as links and call-to-actions within your updates and posts.

By creating a LinkedIn Company Page, you are taking advantage of a free marketing tool. You can build your professional network, increase exposure, and attract new business with increased credibility. LinkedIn can be used for so much more than just a “job-posting tool,” and it’s time to fully take advantage of its benefits for your business!

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