October 2015 Social Media Update

Once again, social media continues to grow at an outstanding pace. It never slows down! In case you haven’t been keeping up in the past month, here are your October 2015 updates:

  • Twitter:
    • Curate and Publish – These publishing tools allow you to find, group and embed Twitter content. You can now search Tweets and categorize them into Collection s. This makes it easier to create visual and embeddable content.
    • Twitter Polls – This feature allows you to get the public’s opinion on any topic! Instead of having to track replies to a question, the process is simplified by enabling you to compose two possible responses and letting the results roll in. Each poll is live for 24 hours.
    • Brand Hub – This analytic tool gives you real-time insights. It gives you more depth into your audience, conversation, and impressions.
  • Facebook:
    • Canvas – This new ad experience helps businesses with their advertising objective by creating what seems like a “preview” of the website. When a user clicks on the Facebook ad, it directs them to a full-screen where they can browse products before actually going to the site.
    • Reactions – This feature is like the “Like” button, but it allows users to respond with an emoji. This update is only available in Ireland and Spain as of now, but it’s a feature to watch.
    • Search FYI – Users can now search all public posts. This gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in larger conversations. This search feature’s focus is in real time, highlighting things happening right now.
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
    • Local Search – This is a location-based update, customizing your search results by language and country.
    • Place Pins – Place pins is not exactly new, but it has been improved! Now, Place Pins have automatic location info added, such as phone numbers, addresses and store hours.
  • YouTube:
    • YouTube Red – No more ads! YouTube Red is a paid streaming version of the original YouTube site for only $9.99/month. YouTube even plans on debuting original series and movies. Sounds a little like Netflix…

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