How to Gain More Organic Followers on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Organic followers; organic reach

You’re a business owner or marketer and you’re on social media. All your pages have a great bio, profile picture, and the correct business info.

Great! You’ve created a digital presence. But are people seeing it? Do people even know it exists? You want a following. That’s the whole point of social media marketing; is it not? Paying for followers is a tactic, but it’s not necessarily a great idea if you’re looking to attract the ideal audience. You want organic reach!

With more organic followers, your content is read more often and the more engaging you are, the more authority your business has. Here’s what you can do to gain more organic followers on the 3 largest social media channels:


  • Reciprocate. If someone starts following you, check out their profile and follow them back. Many people use this tactic to increase their reach. Also, interact with influential people and celebrities on Twitter. Follow them, retweet a post, and mention them. You may just get a follow back or mention.
  • Engage followers to start a conversation. Or join a trending conversation. Ask questions, use the new Twitter poll feature, and have giveaways. Join Twitter Chats to increase your network and get in touch with more people who might be interested in your business; remember to minimize your sales pitch.
  • Hashtag. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how important I think hashtags are. Make sure your posts get attention by retweeting other users who are using the same hashtag. You can even create a new hashtag if you are throwing an event and starting a new campaign.
  • Promote on other social media networks. Not only that, but also raise awareness to your clients by having a Twitter handle on signs in the office and word of mouth. Publish the link to your Twitter page on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, email signature, and even your personal Facebook account. Make sure your Twitter handle is relevant and easy to remember and your bio is interesting yet simple.
  • Use images. Twitter has started putting more focus on images. Images drive attention to your Tweet. They will show on other users’ timeline so you should utilize images as much as you can to increase visibility. You can use them for coupons, specials, new products or behind-the-scenes images.


  • Cross-promote. Add social media plug-ins for Facebook to your website and blog. You encouraging your current followers from your other pages to connect with you on another platform. Why would they want to do that? Well, Facebook allows them to connect with your business on a more personal level and receive additional content.
  • Run a social media promotion. Have a contest with a giveaway. Everyone loves winning free stuff. Really, no matter what it is. With a contest, you’re not only engaging your current followers, but you’re also increasing your opportunities for more visibility and Page likes. Make sure to refer to my social media campaign post.
  • Like other companies. Like pages that are in your area and pages that your followers may be following as well. Try to interact with these pages every once in a while to build awareness around other like-minded pages and their followers.
  • Create engaging content. The more interesting content that you post and more regularly you post, you will get more likes. When people are engaged with your posts and they share, like or comment on them, other people are bound to see the posts as well. Need help creating great content? Refer to my content creation post!
  • Use employees as brand advocates. How many people working for your business have Facebook or any other social media account? If they work for your business, they probably have strong feeling about the brand. Outside of work, they might have different friends and interests on Facebook. Using them as advocates to share your content and promote your page, can increase your audience dramatically.


  • Be cool. Reach out, follow some cool people, comment and have conversations. If you leave a comment instead of just liking a photo, the owner will probably check out your account. Don’t use this tactic too often, as you may be perceived as a serial commenter.
  • Stick to it. Be consistent. Use the same filter and stick to one topic or niche. Remember, this is not your personal account, so don’t post random and irrelevant images. Every once in a while you can surprise your followers with an off-topic photo.
  • Don’t sell. Social media is not meant for you to sell people your product or service. Think about how you use social media for your own personal use. You use it to keep up with friends and family, and ultimately, inspiration. Post photos that people will want to see and want to read the caption. Whether it’s a recipe, workout routine, motivational quote, or DIY, be useful to your followers.
  • Re-gram. When you share others’ relevant content on your account, you make friends. Don’t have expectations of receiving anything in return, but it’s a good way to make social media friends that will re-gram or tag you in the future.
  • Once again, cross-promote. Add a link to your images or posts that direct people to your Instagram bio. If your content on your other pages are interesting, people will want more and click on the link.

Organic reach takes strategy. Since these social media platforms are so huge and have an extremely large number of users, it takes a strategy to get results. Experiment with your content and your engagement and go with what works best for you!

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