How Effective Facebook Ad Strategies Can Help Your Reach

Facebook ads; Facebook advertising

Most people turn the other way when someone mentions Facebook advertising. They don’t want to pay for social media marketing because they are most likely spending their money elsewhere. But wait. Hear me out!

Utilizing Facebook advertising can be very beneficial for reaching your target audience and, not to mention, it’s cost effective! You don’t need to break the bank to get the results you want.

On a network where people spend more time than they do on their pets, you’re bound to reach a large number of people with your ads. With the right strategy, ad format and targeting parameters, you can successfully master Facebook ads as well as improve your Facebook page.

Check out these tips on how to have an effective Facebook ad strategy:

  • Optimize. Make your ad stick out. What’s so special about your brand, product or service? Getting the message to the right audience is one thing, but getting people to actually engage with your ad is another! You only get 25 characters to work with, so create a short message that is attention grabbing and to the point. This isn’t a Facebook post, so try to use proper grammar and punctuation. Also, use an attractive image that is related to your business or product and tell people what you want them to do; tell them to click, buy like, etc.
  • Target your audience. Just as you would with radio, TV, and print, you want to reach the right audience. Figure out the demographics of people who are interested in your product or service. Facebook Ads gives you multiple ways of creating a specific audience. You can segment them by age, geography, interests, and more. Your target audience depends on your message and your end goal. The more specified your targeting is, the more ideal and accurate information you will get back. After all, you waste money every time someone who isn’t interested or non-applicable sees your ad.
  • Ads perform well over a period of time. Try to schedule them at least a week at a time. You can also choose a specific time of each day you want your ad to run. The length you want your ad to run determines the price of the Ad Set. Social Media Examiner has a great explanation and how-to on Facebook Ad scheduling.
  • Manage your budget. To start managing your budget, you need to set a budget! What are you willing to spend on a daily basis? You can spend as little as $5 a day. You should know that at any time, you can turn the campaign off and you will not spend another cent! A budget depends completely on your goals, what you have to spend, and your target market. Find out what the right budget is for your advertising goals.
  • Throughout the entire ad campaign, you can track engagement, the dollar spent per impression, and ROI. Facebook Ads allows you to easily determine if your ad strategy is worth your money. It also allows you to make changes and continually improve your Ad Sets.
  • Test. It’s important to test out different strategies to find out what works the best. Use multiple strategies and creatives to test out. Within one month, you should try to run 3-4 different ads for the same campaign and see what works best. Determining what’s most effective pays off.

Ultimately, if you’re asking yourself if Facebook advertising is right for you, I’m just going to come right out and say it; yes, it is right for you. If you have a well-thought out strategy with measurable goals, Facebook ads should effectively improve your entire presence on Facebook.

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