Increase Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts With Rich Pins

If you use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business, you should also be utilizing Pinterest Rich Pins. They can help your marketing and make it easier for users to navigate and view your Pins.

Like any other social media network, Pinterest is continually expanding their features and functionality for businesses. Pinterest is rapidly growing and has driven one of the highest percentages of traffic and sales for retailers and other businesses. Rich Pins, also known as Enhanced Pins, are a new addition to the social channel. They include extra information that appears on the Pin itself. They allow you to add extra details to your Pins and make them more useful. Therefore, Rich Pins appear as more valuable and useful to pinners who will then click, rePin and like your Pin. Ultimately, this leads to more traffic and reach for you!

There are six types of Pins that allow you to share more information: recipe, product, app, place, article, and movie. The additional information for Rich Pins is usually provided by specific websites.

The six types of Rich Pins:

  • Recipe Pins include the ingredients, cooking times and serving information below the picture to engage pinners and entice them to save the recipe.
  • App Pins include an install button directly on the Pin. This allows pinners to download the app without ever leaving Pinterest. This feature is only compatible on iOS devices.
  • Place Pins include a map, address and phone number below the photo to make it easier for those users who want to visit the particular place. This is helpful for businesses with a physical location.
  • Article Pins include the headline, author and story description. Users can find and save stories that matter to them.
  • Product Pins include the price and where to buy the product. Retailers can really take advantage of this type of Rich Pin.
  • Movie Pins include rating, cast members, and reviews for movie buffs.

It’s essential for a business on Pinterest to take full advantage of Rich Pins, especially since they are only available for business accounts. Not only do they look better than original Pins, but they also enhance your marketing efforts and they are valuable to your brand’s digital presence. This feature provides users with automatic updates, free price alerts, and more relevant information. It provides you with a boost in website traffic and an increase in sales.

Now that you know the value and types of Rich Pins, you might be wondering how to get them. You can easily enhance your business’ website with Rich Pins with Pinterest’s developer’s page. Through that process, you can implement markup codes on your website, validate your work, and apply for your Rich Pins to be accepted and used. Not only will you optimize your website for Pinterest Rich Pins, but you should also add Pin It buttons on images and add Follow buttons.

Take the extra mile to build your brand on Pinterest with Rich Pins and watch your traffic and sales grow!


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