How to Find and Target Your Ideal Demographic on Social Media

Social media is not only for businesses that want to reach Millennials. People of all ages and lifestyles are using social media. A very high percentage of Internet users are actively using social media. More specifically, 72% of adult Internet users are on Facebook.

This is why social media is so important. It can work for every business and every customer. No matter the age, gender, interests or any other demographic, social media campaigns can help you reach your target audience if you have the right strategy. Once you engage with your audience, you can attract them as customers. You just have to provide quality content that is relevant to your audience.

First things first, you have to find your target audience and find out their interests and lifestyles. In order to reach them, you have to know where they spend their digital time. According to AdWeek, social networking is the most popular online activity, and the most visited sites are Google and Facebook. Next, you have to either find or curate content that is relevant to your audience. Find out their interests, needs and wants. It’s important that you become skilled at publishing engaging content that either sparks conversation, clicks and/or buys.

Here’s a breakdown of generations. Who are you trying to reach and what can you do to reach and engage them?

Generation Z (20 and younger)

Lifestyle: Generation Z’s need change as they are always changing their expectations and demands. They are always connected. Generation Z is a huge chunk of social media. Almost all of them are on it! Since many schools are teaching with iPads and laptops now, they crave digital learning experiences and they like visuals. Simply guide them to achieve their goals.

 Spending habits: Generation Z prefers saving money to spending it. Don’t worry! They still spend money, and most of the time it’s online. They enjoy live streaming and engaging. This is an opportunity for Snapchat, Periscope and other video streaming apps. Be aware: their attention span is the shortest out of all generations. They tend to pay attention for an average of 8 seconds.

Millennials (20-35)

Lifestyle: Millennials value rewards that offer more freedom and flexibility. They value balance with work and life. Not only do Millennials want to learn from people, they also want to teach others. They are extremely optimistic, believing they can do all things.

Spending habits: Advertising to Millennials can be tricky. They think advertising is all spin and not authentic, which is why they’re on Netflix and Hulu. That’s where social media comes in. Be social rather than an advertiser. Millennials also trust bloggers and reviews before spending their money. Trust is important to them. If you make yourself a reliable source with authentic content, you will have Millennials is the palm of your hand.

Generation X (36-49)

Lifestyle: Generation X loves external rewards, such as gift cards and awards. They are very independent and self-reliant. They look for things of value that they might not be able to do themselves. Generation X’s are always looking for opportunities and alternatives that could lead to skill-building. They excel at multi-tasking.

Spending habits: When buying a product or service, Generation X looks for information. They do research before spending money, which means they look at online reviews, social media and your website. Generation X’s are very brand loyal. They are less interested in trying a new brand unless you can build a relationship with them. Try to consistently offer high-quality products/services as well as customer service.

Boomers (50-65)

Lifestyle: Baby boomers are all about their future security. If it will be valuable to them in the future, you’ve got their attention. Discussion is huge for Baby Boomers. They like to process and collaborate to move toward a solution. They also like to take control of situations and teach others. Future security rewards are important to them.

Spending habits: Lucky for you, Baby Boomers are spending more than they used to. They have a love for coupons and sales. Surprisingly, they are comfortable with browsing and shopping online. Women are far more likely to be active on social media. Boomers are less motivated by price and more motivated by the styles and brands they like. Customer service is definitely a factor!

By acknowledging the interests, values and spending habits of your target audience, you can successfully target them by creating and finding content that is relevant to them. Not only will you reach your target audience, but you will also build trust, authority and relationships, ultimately, growing your brand and business!

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