How Your Employees Can Become Social Media Advocates and Get Involved

Social Media; Employee engagement

Marketing your business is important. We all know that by now. But some business owners forget that their best advocates are right under their noses!

Getting your employees involved in your social media strategy can help share your message and increase your brand’s reach. They will become your business’ best brand ambassadors and become the experts in your industry.

If your sales team is unaware of what you’re doing digitally, it is not only hurting them and their sales but it’s also hurting your business and its reputation. When your employees are active and engaged in your social efforts, they become brand advocates that potential leads and current customers/clients look to for expertise and advice.

There are two strategies you can use to get your employees involved in social media. You can acknowledge them in your business’ posts or they can post relevant content on their social media accounts. There are benefits to involving your employees in your business’ social media plan, such as enhancing your company branding and boosting sales and credibility. However, including bios and testimonials in your posts is only the beginning.

Make your company, your employees and your brand the first thing people think of when they have questions pertaining to your industry. If you want your employees to post on their own accounts, you need a plan. Make a plan of action. What exactly do you want to accomplish with their social activity and what do you want them to post about? They don’t necessarily have to post everything about your business, just topics that are related and relevant to what your business does. You’ll also want to establish guidelines. Social media doesn’t come easy to everyone, so make sure you make clear guidelines for what you do and don’t want your employees to do on social media. Train them. People getting more involved in business-social should know the best practices and strategies. Most importantly, if you’re going to make your employees get involved, make it fun.

The company I work for is actually trying to do this right now. I came up with a fun way to get employees involved and active on 3 main social media channels. My hope is that it gets them in the habit of posting regularly about our industry. It’s called the “30-Day Social Media Content Challenge.” This is an example you can use to get your employees to become advocates and get them more involved in social media:

30-Day Social Media Content Challenge

Each day for 30 days, we will give you a topic and a social media network. The three social media networks we will be focusing on during this challenge are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

We will distribute a Content Calendar with a topic and social media network for each day. You must publish an engaging post about the specific topic on your personal account. Engaging means attractive and appealing content that gives the reader something relevant and interesting. Your goal is to get likes, comments, shares and clicks.

The person with the most engagement each week gets a prize and is named the Social Butterfly of the week!

Publish these posts through HubSpot so [Emily] can keep track and monitor engagement.

Here is an example of part of the calendar I sent out to employees:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.07.19 PM.png

I also gave them examples of posts:


This is a great way to get more people inside your organization to build their credibility as a salesperson or brand advocate as well as build your brand’s credibility and reputation. Having a strategic plan with objectives and making it fun can help you, your business and your employees build a long-term social media presence.


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