Why You Should Rely On a Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert

Social Media is an investment of time and resources. Over 2 billion people, 25% of the world’s population, use social media regularly! Some business owners make the common mistake of thinking that social media skills and expertise are simply common sense and there’s no need to hire social media experts to assist in understanding the tools and opportunities.

You’re wrong. It’s my opinion, but allow me to elaborate.

Social media was once a social tool that has now grown into a marketing essential. You can build a career and make a living in social media if you have the right education and experience. Businesses that need help with content marketing, real-time PR, and social media presence and strategy usually need someone to turn to. There’s already a marketing department, but the marketing and customer service departments can benefit from more knowledge of social media.

Underestimating the knowledge and expertise of someone who has built their career around social media can be a huge disadvantage to your business. Taking advice and tips from social media experts will teach you how to better market your content and grow your network. A social media expert has different spheres of expertise. It’s not only knowing how to post and respond to comments. It’s a lot more. Rand Fishkin lays out the different spheres in this chart from his article “Everyone Should Hire ‘Social Media Experts’.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.04.09 PM.png

Another common mistake made by business owners is the belief that if their products and customer service are great, their social media will take care of itself. Wrong again. A business is like a bridge. If you’re bridge is not complete, your business will fail. If your digital presence is great, will sales take care of itself?

Businesses need help from actual experts who get the rules of engagement in social media and who understand how to translate engagement into business success. Using social media amplifies your marketing strategy. Hiring a student intern to take over social media might not be the best answer. Just because they are young and know how to use social media, doesn’t mean they know the right strategies and tools to market through social media.

Social media marketing is a full-time job. If you invest in social media, invest wisely. Social media experts cannot be underestimated. Here are the main tasks of a social media director:


  • Setting realistic goals (engagement, leads, sales, etc.). You need objectives to know Social Media ROI.
  • Create visual content. Whether it’s creating graphics or producing a short video clip, visual content has a lasting effect.
  • Curate, create, and manage all published content. While they’re curating and creating, they’re also keeping in mind the strategies and goals, implementing visuals and hashtags.
  • Develop and manage a solid content strategy, promotion strategy, engagement strategy, and conversion strategy.
  • Monitor, listen, and respond.
  • Measure and analyze.

Other tasks:

  • Develop a strategy for capturing online reviews and monitor online ratings and respond.
  • Keep up to date with trends in social media tools, applications, platforms, and strategies.
  • Analyze campaigns and come up with recommendations for revising the social media strategy and campaigns.

Social media marketing needs full-time attention and care. It’s just another branch of marketing that every business should have. Your business is your baby, so every part of your business should be equally important. Hire someone with social media knowledge and expertise. You and your business will be exposed to opportunities that wouldn’t be otherwise available.

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