December 2015 Social Media Update

Social media; social media update

A new year with new updates! Social media continues to be ever-changing. Check out the new updates that came out in December!


  • New photo options – Users now have the ability to uncrop images. Twitter also unveiled new larger multi-photo displays.
  • Non-chronological timeline – Twitter is experimenting with this to find ways to show the best content for Twitter users. The algorithmic-driven news feed came out early December.


  • Messages Page plugin – This update makes it easier for customers to interact with companies. People can message businesses without leaving your website.
  • Events Page plugin – This new feature allows people to discover and intereact with events from your Page, directly on your website. You can create an event on your Page and feature it on your website while managing it from one place.
  • Live video – Facebook opened Live Video up to a small percentage of people in the U.S. with iPhones. It was originally limited to celebrities. Those who have the feature will see a “Live Video” option when they go to make a status update.
  • Collages – This new feature groups together photos and videos that were posted together into a scrolling, moving collage. You can add a title, add, remove and rearrange photos before sharing.
  • Buy Tickets button – This update allows users to purchase tickets for pickup directly in Facebook. The Buy Tickets button will go on events created by Pages.
  • Transportation on Messenger – Users have the ability to request a ride from a car service without leaving Messenger. The first partner is Uber. It is being tested and will be available to select users in locations where Uber operates in the U.S.


  • Track buyable pins – Users will now be notified when the price on a buyable Pin they have saved drops. Users can go straight to the Pin and purchase the item without leaving Pinterest.


  • Redesigned app – LinkedIn launched their redesigned app and it looks a lot like Facebook. It’s centered around a home feed and shows updates from people in your network.


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