How Your Business Can Benefit From a Mobile App

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Mobile apps are not just for big name brands. In fact, most small business owners don’t realize how much potential there is in a mobile app. Whether you’re a small or large business, the mobile trend is something to consider jumping on. An effective mobile strategy is more than just a mobile-friendly website. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, a mobile app might be the next step!

As any other marketing effort, you will need a strategy focused around objectives. Also, ask yourself if a mobile app is for you. Yes, mobile apps work well for most businesses, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re trying to reach your customers on a 24-hour basis, your brand can provide a fun and productive experience on mobile, and you think your business will benefit from a mobile app, you are ready to plan and strategize!

Before I tell you how to build a mobile app (next post), you should know the benefits. If these benefits don’t relate to your particular business, then you know a mobile app is not for you.

  1. It’s a moneymaker. A mobile app is not only an interactive experience for users, but you and your customers can benefit by providing in-app purchases. This way, you are monetizing your app and creating a second stream of income.
  2. It expands your reach. If your current customers use your app, it’s likely that they will get their friends and family on board. You have the potential to reach an entirely new audience.
  3. You’re showcasing your products and services. Unlike social media, it’s ok to overly promote your products and services on your mobile app. In fact, that’s one reason people will download the app. Although the app will have a purpose for the user, it acts like ad that’s not so obvious.
  4. Your brand is visible to customers at all times. An American study found that people spend an average of 4.7 hours on their phone a day! Your brand is in the hands and minds, whether it’s the sub-conscious or not, of customers constantly.
  5. It’s a direct marketing channel. A mobile app serves many functions. One of the biggest advantages is that all the information you would share to customers and leads through marketing, is right at their fingertips. It includes, prices, general information, promotions, sales, and more.
  6. It provides value to your customers. If you have a loyalty/reward program, a mobile app makes it easier for you to track and easier for the customer to collect their rewards via your mobile app.

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