January 2016 Social Media Update

Another month, another load of social media updates! Some of these new features are great for marketers, so if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the updates this past month, now’s your chance!


  • Facebook Sports Stadium. With the Super Bowl this month, Facebook came out with this new feature right in time for the big game. Facebook Sports Stadium is a new destination inside Facebook that updates you on play-by-play coverage of sports matches and allows users to comment on the updates, as well as experts and analysts.



  • Enhanced video player & auto-looping GIFs. Twitter released a new custom video player and stated that GIFs will receive a unique badge and will auto-loop playback.
  • Conversational ads. Twitter’s new feature makes it easier for users to engage with a brand and share their campaign message. This will allow advertisers to drive more media and brand influence.


  • Twitter Flight School. This is a free online education program for marketers provided by Twitter. If you’re a marketer trying to become a Twitter expert, this update is perfect for you!


  • The White House launched official Snapchat account. This account lets people see behind the scenes of the White House. Unfortunately, it won’t be like the show “Scandal”, but it’s to engage the broad cross-section of the population in creative ways. For example, taking you behind the scenes of the White House’s State of the Union preparations.


  • Profile URLs. Snapchat makes it easier to add people with profile URLs. Users create a unique URL and copy and share it through other social networks or their email signature.


  • Donation Cards. Subscribers and viewers can now donate to an organization, charity, or business directly from videos.
  • HDR video support. YouTube will support the latest version of video; HDR (high dynamic range).

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