5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business

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Many business pages have the same problem. They have trouble connecting with their fans. Facebook groups are not only great for networking, but they allow you to further grow your customer relationships and fuel your current social media efforts.

If you haven’t considered using a Facebook group for your business, maybe you should!

There are many ways to use Facebook groups. If you don’t have any experience with Facebook groups, I suggest starting with one and building from there. You may be asking, “Wait, I need more than one?” Well, there are several ways you can go with your Facebook group. It can be used for your current customers, team members, or brand ambassadors.

Connect with your audience, increase engagement and build your business’ reputation with Facebook groups! Here are 5 ways to use Facebook groups:

1.  Provide value to your current customers. Support current customers by making them feel special.

Invite people to join the minute they become a customer. You can also include a link in emails inviting customers to join, on your sales page, or receipts. Explain to customers that this page allows them to connect with other customers, share ideas and experiences, share photos, support one another, and give feedback.

Make sure this is a private group. This way, you know that all members are paid customers. To develop this group, offer tips and tricks on your lesser-known features and services, respond personally to complaints, respond as quickly as possible, and be inclusive by offering deals and promotions that aren’t listed publicly.

2.  Discuss current events. Groups are a great place to keep up with current events and trends in the industry. Members of this group can have an open discussion about what’s going on, not necessarily with your business, but in your industry. I suggest keeping this group public so anyone interested in your industry can join.

This is beneficial for your business because you can see what people think about your competition, what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. This also allows you to get topic ideas for blog/post content.

3. Network with dedicated fans. Your Facebook group is not a page you want just anyone to join. It’s for people who believe in your company and what you stand for, and for you products/services. It’s basically a fan group for your business.

This group is separate from the page you dedicate to your current customers because these people could also be brand ambassadors; someone who represents your brand in a positive light and helping increase awareness and sales.

This group will stand as a discussion forum for fans, potential customers and current customers and it will help spread positive buzz about your company and what you sell.

The key is making the members feel special. Send them free gifts, give them a discount, or simply share their content. Also, thank them on a regular basis, whether it’s online or a hand-written letter.

4. Nurture customer segments. This page will help you identify your customer personas. You will easily be able to find out their worries and troubles with your products or services.

Since most businesses have several different segments within their target audience, you could create multiple Facebook groups catering to each. For instance, if your business caters to multiple languages, build separate groups for each language.

 5. Strengthen your team. If you have a large number of employees or a diverse team of people in different locations, a Facebook group is a great way for everyone to keep in touch.This way, you can ensure that your company culture is the same in every location. You can also share news, such as new products, new company policy, etc. with employees.

Ultimately, Facebook groups work with Facebook pages. A Facebook group is simply another marketing tool and can fuel your other marketing efforts. This blog explains how you can set up a Facebook group for your business!

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