Why Consistency in Social Media Marketing Matters


It makes sense for a business to build a presence on social media because it’s a cost-effective way of advertising, promoting and connecting with their consumers. This opportunity requires consistency to be successful.

Although social media marketing is a complicated web of content, timing, relevancy, and engagement, consistency is critical, especially if you are on more than one social platform.

Being consistent means that your brand gets exposure with a well-rounded idea of your brand’s message standing behind it. Disseminating your brand’s message on social media will produce a clear and consistent message to your audience. This will give your target audience an idea of who you are, what you stand for, and what you do.

If you aren’t consistent, in any form of advertising, you will lose a sense of who you are. You will get lost in the noise!

Here are some things to think about when you are making sure that your brand’s message is consistent on social media.

Tone & message – Use the same language and tone in your wording on all social networks. Some social networks have a different purpose, but your message and the feel of your brand should be the same. If your target audience is consistent, your brand’s tone and message to them should be consistent as well.

Viewpoints – It would be contradictory to stand behind a belief on one social platform and stand behind the opposite belief on another. You can see how this can be confusing for people who follow your brand. Many people follow businesses on social media, not only for what they sell, but for what they stand for. If your brand’s viewpoints are not consistent, you will lose credibility.

Repetition – If you want to promote an event or promotion, it’s important to consistently repeat posts about it. You might want to change up the words and images, but I would keep the logos/graphics consistent as well as the general message. Because social media is so cluttered with content and traffic, one post will not be enough to get your audience’s attention.

Frequency – If you usually post a couple times a day, keep that frequency consistent. If you stop posting as much, your visibility will decrease, as well as your relevancy. You don’t want people to ask, “What ever happened to that one brand?” If anything, don’t post less often than you do, but you could start posting more if necessary.

Engagement – Engagement on social media is a two-way street. You want engagement from your audience, but you also want to engage with them. It’s your job to consistently respond to reviews, comment on posts by visitors, like comments, etc. This humanizes your brand and shows that you care.

Display name – If you use multiple social networks for your brand, make sure the display name is the same on all platforms. I know a lot of businesses have names that can vary, but it makes it easier for people to find you if the display name is the same across the board.

It’s important to note that consistency is not only important on social media, but it’s also a key factor in all advertising efforts. If your brand’s image and message stays consistent, your audience’s satisfaction and expectations will be consistent as well.

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