7 Tips on Writing Good Content Quickly


The reason my job exists is because many business owners just don’t want to or they can’t put in the time and effort into social media and content curation. So understandably, I can see how a lot of people hesitate when starting a blog because they just don’t see how they can have time to write blog posts multiple times a week.

You can do it. I promise!

You can have a blog without it consuming every hour of your day or feeling like you’re in over your head. If you’re writing content for your own blog or writing in addition to writing for yourself, there’s a lot of pressure to publish quality content consistently. However, even if you are writing for a blog everyday or more, quality is always expected.

You’re not alone. I have struggled with having the motivation to keep up with my own blog when work gets busy. Luckily, I have found a few simple tips that help me write quality content in less time. As you get the hang of regularly utilizing these tips, writing content will come easier!

  1. Always keep a list of topic ideas. Keeping an idea book, post-it notes, or some way of documenting your ideas will help you get started. When I first started this blog, I would spend a good time trying to figure out what I was going to write about each time. With time, I realized that it’s much easier to write down ideas as they come to me so I can just pick a topic from the list when it comes time to sit down and write. You can easily remember all your ideas if you write them down immediately when they come to you. If you want to do it digitally, Evernote and Apple Notes are great apps.blog3-23.png
  2. Keep a small library of blogs. Writing ahead of time can be a huge time saver! If you have down time or if you’re bored, write a blog post! Having some already-written content can be helpful when you have a really stressful week at work, if you’re on vacation, or you just don’t have the time.
  3. Write when you’re feeling most creative. After some time, you should get a feel of when you’re brain is the most creative. What time of the day do you write your best content? I find that I write the best blog posts in the morning. I like to write while I’m drinking my morning coffee, my mind is fresh, and I find that it’s a great way to start my day. That being said, it’s different for everyone! Find what time works best for you and try to write at that time everyday or whenever you need to create content.
  4. Start with a bulleted list of facts, comments, and thoughts. When I first sit down and start to write, I pick a topic and immediately start writing a bulleted list. What do I know about this topic? What do I want people to know about this topic? I’ll throw in some statistics every once in a while and do some research on other blogs that are similar. This will basically be an outline for your blog post.
  5. Write the introduction last. Get the meatiest part of the blog out first. Once you have actual “content” out, you can develop the intro. The intro doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to be attention grabbing and engaging. I find this easier because once I know what I’ve written, I know how to introduce it.
  6. Remember that a blog is different than a school paper. There is no correct structure for a blog post. Forget what you learned in school. That being said, spelling and grammar is important. Write your content like you are speaking to someone. It’s okay to use slang, smiley faces, and conjunctions. Online readers will give their attention to you more if you speak to them.
  7. Use visuals. Visuals are engaging and are an easy way to tell your story without using too many words. This will save you time and cater to people who don’t always read every single word.

Although there is increased pressure to publish quality content online, you don’t have to be a professional writer to create content for a blog. With time and practice, you can become a better and quicker blogger.


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