March 2016 Social Media Update


I’m a little late on this post, but there were some important social media updates to be aware of!


  • WordPress plugin for Instant Articles. The plugin will make Instant Articles more accessible for many publishers, and it includes a built-in suite of interactive tools!
  • Topics. This is currently being tested, but Topics allows users to add a category to posts that work similarly to hashtags. This will allows people to find a certain topic of conversation that they are interested in.
  • Video metrics update. This update gives users daily breakdowns for video metrics giving Page owners a better understanding of when their audiences are watching their
  • Collect leads for your business. Facebook’s new updates for their leads ads are  new CRM partners and support for video within the fb.png
  • Live videos are prioritized. Facebook Live Videos are now more likely to be higher in the News Feed when they are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live


  • Explore links within moments. Twitter now allows you to tap a link directly from a Moment. When you’re done browsing, you just click out and jump back into the Moment where you left off!
  • Seamless loginIf you are logged in to Twitter or Twitter Analytics, you no longer need to login to TweetDeck separately. You’ll be automatically logged in!
  • Alt text to images. You can now add alt text to images with up to 420 characters! People who are visually impaired will have access to the the alt text descriptions through assistive technology, such as screen readers and braille displays.


  • Algorithmic timeline. Instagram announced that they’s be introducing an algorithmic-based timeline. People miss up to 70% of their feeds, so Instagram is hoping that this new feed will help them have a better experience.
  • 60 second videos. People spend more time watching videos, so Instagram decided to increase the time allowed for videos. Longer videos mean more diverse stories from the accounts we love!



  • Account targeting. You can now run an account-based marketing campaign on LinkedIn and you can tailor your sponsors updates and InMail campaigns to a priority list of accounts. blog linkedin.png






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